About us

The story of affordable elegance and style

MANOOCO brand started as an idea back in summer of 2013.
We were trying to find elegant, modern and stylish accesories at an affordable prices.
The lack of affordable elegant accessories drove us to develop our own brand, our own line of accessories for day to day use. We believe style should not be a part of minority, but available to everyone and all the time.


The time has come to reinvent the whole brand and "reboot" it to become the brand with the goal we imagined at the beginning, being an affordable luxury accessories brand.


MANOOCO is elegance, simplicity with style. MANOOCO is everyday vacation, the celebration of life.

MANOOCO is for all of us,

for me,

for you.



MANOOCO, trgovina in proizvodnja, Maruša Domjan, s.p.
Kletarska ulica 39,
SI2000 Maribor