Terms and condition

The contractual relationship of buying and selling entails the delivery of a particular product at the price shown in the website.

The present Terms and Conditions are a component part of any contractual agreement made between the Seller and the respective customer. The Seller hereby objects to any terms and conditions that the customer may have established and that contradict the present Terms and Conditions.

Order Acceptance

No order shall be binding on MANOOCO until accepted by MANOOCO. An individual contract for the supply of Products, on these terms and conditions, is formed on acceptance by MANOOCO of an order from the Customer. MANOOCO reserves the right to accept any order in whole or in part. No order may be cancelled or varied after acceptance by MANOOCO.

Once an order has been formalized and accepted, after the acceptance of the Terms of Use and after the purchase process, MANOCOO will always send a confirmation email to the customer with the details of such purchase. The colors of the products shown on the website may vary slightly depending on the internet browser and monitor settings used by customers; these variations are technically unavoidable.

Payment & Price Terms

Payment must be made in full and on checkout in the online shopping cart without set off or deduction. MANOOCO will investigate any disputed amounts, and if resolved in favour of the Customer, a credit will be issued to the Customer.

Every payment will result into the issuance of an invoice at the Customer's name. The invoice will be sent at the email address provided by the Customer.

The prices reflected for each product or service do not include shipping, handling, packaging, shipping insurance or any additional to the product or service purchased, unless expressly stated the contrary. However, any additional applicable costs will be communicated to the user before completing the purchase.

The Customer understands that the economic valuation of some of the products may vary in real time. In any case, a change of price will always be communicated prior to the formalization of the sale.

All product prices are end prices plus shipping costs. Prices do not include turnover tax. Prices are shown in Euro. MANOOCO shall deliver the merchandise – at the selection of the customer – against pre-payment by redeeming a MANOOCO coupon, against pre-payment by bank transfer or against pre-payment using PayPal.

Together with the contract confirmation, customers shall receive e-mail, which provides further information on the implementation of the purchase. For payments using a MANOOCO coupon, customers may enter one or several coupon codes. The coupon value will be credited to the MANOOCO, and in this way the invoice amount will have been paid for. Where the coupon value is higher than the invoice amount, the coupon shall remain valid for the balance of its amount. Where the customer has selected Bank Transfer as the form of payment, the seller’s bank account details will be provided. Exclusively transfers denominated in Euros and free of charge for the Seller shall be accepted for bank transfers from abroad.  Where the customer has selected PayPal as the form of payment, the button “Click here to pay using PayPal” will connect to the PayPal online service, from where payment can be made subsequently.

For orders subject to pre-payment, a payment period of three (3) days from the contract confirmation shall apply. For the term of the payment period, the Vendor shall reserve the merchandise so ordered for the customer. It is incumbent on the customer to effect payment in such timely manner that the Vendor receives it within the payment period. MANOOCO reserves the right to rescind the sale contract and to sell the merchandise to others should the payment not be received by the end of the payment period. Any payment received from the customer following the rescission of the contract shall be reimbursed to the customer.

Title to Products

Ownership in the Products does not pass to the Customer until the Customer has discharged all outstanding indebtedness, whether in respect of the Products or otherwise, to MANOOCO. Risk in the Products will pass on delivery to the Customer. Delivery may not be refused by the Customer.


MANOOCO products will be delivered in perfect condition to the specified address in the form completed by the user. If you want your order to be delivered to a different address than the indicated in the form, you must explicitly note it in the section provided for such purpose.

MANOOCO assumes no responsibility if the orders' delivery are unsuccessful as a result of the false, inaccurate or incomplete data provided by the User.

MANOOCO will take all necessary measures so that delivery can be done within the agreed time limits. MANOOCO considers the payment confirmation, as a necessary condition for maintaining the delivery schedule. However, time limits indicated in the website are estimations and may vary because of logistics reasons or other major matters. In the case of a delay, the User will be duly informed. The delivery is considered complete from the moment in which MANOOCO or the hired carrier company makes the product available to the user.

Prices shown are for one order. Shipping methods/prices may be different for each country.

  1. day: Austria, Slovenia
  2. day: Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg
  3. day: Bolgaria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Netherland, Poland, Romania, UK
  4. day: Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Sweden 

Our shipping options are sent by the DPD and are eventually placed into your country's local postal stream. All customs, taxes, import duties, brokerage fees, or any additional charges by your local government are the responsibility of the recipient. There is a chance that you will not get charged VAT or duties if you are a citizen of EU, however if you do get charged, we cannot be responsible for these fees in any way, as we do not receive any of this money. The funds go exclusively to your own government. The last thing we would want is for our customers to be charged extra, as this would be detrimental to our sales. Since duties and taxes vary by country and by what was ordered, we are not able to supply an estimated cost. Please contact your customs office for more information.

Shipping fees and taxes will not be refunded for packages that are refused due to VAT/duties.